Roll each portion into a 7-inch circle, and transfer each to a 4- to 4½-inch round fluted removeable-bottom tart pan, lightly pressing into bottom and up sides. While this is resting you can preheat your oven to 200°C / 400°F / Gas Mark 6 then wash, peel and core your cooking apples then slice them and place in a bowl. Leave to cool, then add the apple and raisin mixtures reserving any whiskey that has not been absorbed by the raisins. My nan and my wife love the apples to be soft with no chunks but if you like you can cut the apples thick to keep a bit of texture to it. Turn oven to 180C/fan 160C/gas 4 and cook for 20 mins, until the top is golden. Chill for at least 20 mins. Fantastic recipe, it reminds me alot of my grandmother’s apple tarts. Roll a lid for the tart with the remaining pastry and place on top of the tart, egg washing to secure edges. Turn oven up to 160C/fan 140C/gas 3. Youve got the castor sugar thing mixed say to sieve the flour salt and sugar into the bowl then later you say put the sugar over the apples..what sugar? I carefully spooned the apple mixture into the pie plate pastry. Your email address will not be published. Brush the apples lightly with jelly, then sprinkle with crumb topping. Roll it to the size of your plate while leaving a little to overlap the edge. Put the apple tart on a large board. This was always my job when I was a kid and I loved that I could help my nan out. Bake until the tarts are turning golden around the edges and the apples are tender (approx. 2. My nan always used a dinner plate that had deep sides to make her apples tarts so that is what I use. Transfer the top layer of pastry by rolling it over your rolling pin and folding it out over the apples. The two women in my life with such an excellent taste in apple tarts but even better taste in men. Slan Abhaile, Imen. Hi thank you so much for this recipe!My partner is Irish and it was nice to bake a proper Irish tart I also wanted to thank you for including both F and C in the description. Irish apple tart recipe. Cook the apples for 3-4 mins until coloured, then place in a sieve to drain away excess juices. Roll out ¾ of the pastry on a lightly floured surface and use to line an oven proof plate. Brush with milk and sprinkle the tart with the rest of sugar. Your email address will not be published. Serves 8 A challenge; Nutrition per serving. Brush with beaten egg, then return to the oven for 5 mins. Kerry Apple Cake, also known as Irish Apple Cake, is a moist cake with a crunchy top, and can be served cold or warm with chilled cream or custard. An irish apple tart on a plate is the best recipe for foodies. You can sprinkle a little lemon juice over them to prevent them browning if you like but don't put them in a bowl of water. Tip the raisins into a pan with the whisky, and add 1 tsp of the sugar. Just as my nan and wife love it. When cooked the apples should be soft and sweet and the pastry should be fully cooked through and golden. Pierce the top several times with a fork to allow the steam to escape. In a large bowl, cream the butter and sugar together until light and fluffy. You can also add a little dusting of cloves to the apples to add a little bit of extra flavour if you like. All opinions expressed herein are straight from my heart. A little twist of the wrist and the sound of the knife on the plate brings back fond memories. Add sufficient water and mix to a soft dough with the knife. This shortcrust Irish apple tart is made how my nan and my wife love it. Recipe from Good Food magazine, March 2006. Bake for 25-30 minutes, then reduce the oven temperature to 180°C (350°F), Gas Mark 4 and bake for 20-25 minutes until golden brown. Brush with milk and stick on top of the pie and sprinkle with the rest of the sugar. Top with a second circle of pastry, and crimp the edges together to seal. Once this is complete you can take your pastry out and divide it into two balls, one slightly bigger than the other. The apple tart can be served dusted with a little icing sugar and a nice bit of fresh whipped cream. Leave to cool, then blitz in a blender. - Apple Tart Recipe - Irish Culture at BellaOnline Mar 8, 2017 - What better way to celebrate St Patrick’s Day than with this traditional Irish Apple Tart? This is my Nanny Betty's Traditional Irish Apple Tart. You may need a little flour on your fingers for this. My Nan was pretty serious about apple tarts in general. Thank you for sharing the recipe and memories. My nan would would always hold the block of butter and with a butter knife cut slivers off into the flour. I always laugh thinking back at that memory because of the look upon my Grandfathers face as my Nan and Laura talked. Avoca's "best ever" apple pie recipe blends together Bramley apples and gorgeous seasonal blackberries with … Roll out the bigger ball of pasty to a size slightly bigger than the plate. This traditional Irish apple tart recipe is one that my Nan, Wife and my family have enjoyed for years. In a medium bowl whisk flour with sugar. What a lovely recipe, made it today, and it tasted fantastic. Ingredients: 225g/8oz Odlums Cream Plain Flour 125g/4oz Margarine ¼ pint/150ml Cold Water (approx) 4 Large Cooking Apples (peeled, cored and sliced) Sugar to sweeten apples Icing Sugar to dust (optional) Method: 1. The crust is sweeter, with a healthy dose of butter, akin to shortbread dough, and the spices are added with a light hand. Very close to the apple tarts I ate as a child in Ireland, (made by my mum and aunt) and it brought back lovely memories. This recipe makes 16 tart shells that are filled with a sweet mixture of apple, walnut and apricot jam. Sprinkle half of your sugar over the layer then add the remaining apples followed by the last of the sugar ensuring that space is left around the edge of the pastry. I really hope you try and enjoy my Nanny Betty’s Traditional Irish Apple Tart recipe and come to love it as I have. The … Wrap pastry in clingfilm and place in your fridge to rest for approx 20 min. Studded with chopped apples … BBC Good Food Show Summer Save 25% on early bird tickets. 13. Add the sugar and eggs and pulse until everything comes together. Roll two-thirds of the pastry to the thickness of a £1 coin and line the ring. Irish Apple Tart is a community recipe submitted by Busylizzy and has not been tested by so we are not able to answer questions regarding this recipe. It will take approx 75 minutes to cook. You can't be that. I live in NZ now and don’t ever see ‘cooking apples ‘ in the shops, so had to use granny smiths instead, which aren’t as sharp tasting and don’t hold their shape when cooked. Dust with powdered sugar, if desired, and serve warm, topped with custard sauce and vanilla ice cream. Prick the top to release steam, egg wash the top of the pastry and sprinkle with the remaining demerara sugar. Turn onto a floured board and knead lightly. 1:25 pm, Thanks for sharing the recipe. Add egg and water and stir until incorporated. You have 2tbsp of caster sugar for the pastry and 6 tbsp of caster sugar to sprinkle over the apples as you layer them up. This is the epitome of traditional Irish Food for me. Once chilled, take dough out of refrigerator … Roll the remaining pastry a little wider than the plate, dampen the edges of the pastry which is on the plate and place the second piece across the top of the apples. If you love traditional Irish recipes then try my Traditional Irish Lamb Stew Recipe that is easy and packed full of flavour. It’s recipes like this that help create some of the best memories in my childhood and I hope it will help you create some of your own. Wrap the pastry with cling film and chill. Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with this authentic Irish Apple Amber! An Irish Apple Cake is technically not a cake at all. Ingredients: 225g / 8oz Plain Flour 125g / 4oz Avonmore Butter 1/4 pint / 150ml Cold Water (approx.) Great recipe. Incorporate butter using a pastry blender, a fork or a pastry processor, until crumbs are formed. Preheat oven to 160 ̊C/325 ̊F/gas mark 3 and grease a 23cm ovenproof plate. Prod the pastry with a fork to allow the steam to release or cut four slits into the pastry near the center. Once the butter is combined add the water or milk and mix with your hand in a claw shape to bring the mixture clings together. 35 to 40 minutes). Pass through a large-holed sieve to remove any big lumps, then set aside. The key to a light pastry is to rub the butter into the flour while holding your hands above the bowl. Master the perfect pastry with luxurious Kerrygold butter. Cut the apples into large wedges and melt the butter in a heavy-based pan. Here’s the recipe…. The small pastry ball will be used for the base while the bigger will be used for the top as it will need to cover the mound of sliced cooking apples. Nanny Betty’s traditional Irish apple tart recipe was always perfect and a welcome treat for a visiting grandchild on a weekend. Add six tablespoons of cold water, bring the dough together using a cold knife to create a soft dough. Turn out Tart Dough onto a lightly floured surface, and divide into 6 portions (about 62 grams each). Cover the apple filling with the second piece of pastry and press the edges together to seal. You are more than welcome. It is one of my favorites to make, thank you for sharing. In Baked Goods , Desserts , DOTD , Fruits , Herbs and Spices , Pies and Tarts , Regional and Ethnic , Techniques Tweet DIRECTIONS. Apple tart with custard or ice cream, a classic Irish dessert. Chill for at least 20 mins. With the remaining pastry you can create little decorations for the apple tarts like leaves. It is always better with a nice Irish cup of tea just as nanny Betty like. Bake for about 25 to 30 minutes, then reduce the temperature to 350° F/180° C/ Gas Mark 4 and cook for 20-25 more minutes until golden brown. How to make Irish Apple Pie Mix the flour and salt in a bowl then using your fingertips rub in the butter or margarine and the lard or shortening until the mixture resembles breadcrumbs. I think the best option for this apple cake is a 9-inch cake pan. I hope you all try this wonderful Irish Apple Tart Recipe and enjoy one of my favourite traditional Irish foods.eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'retrobite_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_5',118,'0','0'])); This post is dedicated to the loving memory of my Nanny Betty and to my beautiful wife Laura. Thank you for sharing your story and your recipe. Learn how to cook great Irish apple tart . Get one of our Irish apple tart recipe and prepare delicious and healthy treat for your family or friends. J.J. Sheridan To serve, allow the apple tart to settle for at least 5 … Keep it traditional with apples or try seasonal fruits such as blueberries or the classic culinary pair of rhubarb and strawberry. You can be as decorative as you like to create a nice, sealed crust. The apple tarts are delicious the pastry is gorgeous .I made 4 apple tarts and they didn’t last very long in my house. Bring to a simmer, then leave to one side. Rub the soft butter into the flour to create a breadcrumb like consistency. The reason being is that this cake isn’t incredibly deep so it’s nice to bake it in a 9 or … easy apple tart recipe, easy irish apple tart recipe, how to make apple tart, how to make irish apple tart, irish apple tart recipe, tasty apple tart recipe, traditional apple tart recipe, traditional irish apple tart recipe, A little bit of milk to glaze or egg yold mixed with milk. dessert, Irish Recipes, Snack deliver fine selection of quality Irish apple tart recipes equipped with ratings, reviews and mixing tips. If it is the favorite recipe of your favorite restaurants then you can also make an irish apple tart on a plate at your home.. An irish apple tart on a plate may come into the following tags or occasion in which you are looking to create your recipe. Preheat oven to 350°F Generously grease an 8-inch square cake pan. To make the savoury sugar, heat oven to 140C/fan 160C/gas 1. Bake in the preheated oven for 30 minutes or until the pastry is nice and golden brown. Preheat oven to 200°C/400°F/Gas 6. Irish apple tart differs from our all-American pie in a few ways. With a knife cut the butter into small pieces and add to the flour. I love this traditional Irish apple tart recipe, it’s easy to make but above all its my Nanny Betty’s Traditional Irish Apple Tart Recipe. The apples had to be soft with no solid bits, they had to be sweet but with just a little bit of a sour edge and the pastry had to by the right thickness. Keep mixing until dough forms a ball; dough may be slightly lumpy, this is fine. Choose the type of message you'd like to post, Magazine subscription – save 44% and get a cookbook of your choice. My Nan was pretty serious about apple tarts in general. Repeat this process again, cooking for another 5 mins – this will keep the pastry crisp. Irish Apple Cake with Warm Custard Sauce is a lightly sweetened dessert that is perfect for enjoying during cold weather months or celebrating St. Patrick's Day. My Grandmothers Traditional Irish Apple Tart Recipe. saturates 26g. Enjoy. And then placed the top of the pastry case over the apples, added a sweet little apple motif on top, sealed the edge and brushed with an egg wash. And voila! Will be making it again soon , Frances DuffySeptember 22, 2020 @ This allows the flour to fall keeping air in the mixture and preventing a tough pastry. Take a little bit of water or egg wash and rub it around the edge of the bottom layer of pastry. If the apple tart wasn’t up to her standards it was pushed to the side and she would be pretty vocal about her disapproval of the tart, to put it politely. The kids are back at school. Step 3. Place butter/margarine in freezer for about 15 minutes to harden. Scatter the muscovado sugar, Maldon sea salt and lemon zest over a baking sheet, then leave in the oven for 15 mins to dry out. Growing up as a child there was nothing better than walking into my Nanny Betty’s kitchen and seeing her standing in front of her mixing bowl with her sleeves rolled up peeling beautiful green juicy cooking apples. The Cake Pan to Use for Irish Apple Cake. Place the flour in a large bowl and rub the butter into the flour and toss through 25g of the sugar. Cover with the apples and place in the cloves and sprinkle on the cinnamon and sugar. Roll out the remaining pastry … Quote BBH25. Wonderful recipe, and so easy as well. I was always amazed at how she would know by sight and feel if there was enough butter, enough flour or if the recipe needed that extra spoon of sugar. Roll out half the pastry to the size of the plate and lay across. I use to love watching my nan doing this and she always seemed to trim it all in one smooth motion. Gradually whisk the heated milk and cream into the egg yolk mixture until smooth, then pour back into the pan and place over a gentle heat. I sat across from both of them in a cafe as they both discussed how a proper Traditional Irish Apple Tart should taste. Add enough of the cold water to form a firm dough. The sublime supper favourite, homemade apple tart evokes childhood memories of granny’s magical kitchen, filled with sugar-coated treats. Ensure that there is a little bit of pastry hanging over the edge and pull and stretch to fit if needed. Roll out ¾ of the pastry on a lightly floured surface and use to line a 20 cm/8-inch pie plate. It gave me many happy memories making it with my Grandmother that I hope you can create some memories of your own. He looked at them then back at me, laughed and threw his eyes into the air as if to say, not another one. Irish apple tart. Toss the apples in the butter, then add half the demerara sugar, the cinnamon stick and a healthy splash of whiskey. This recipe is based on the apple pie that chef Richard Corrigan's mother used to make every St Patrick's Day.

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